08 Mar 2014

5 Great Escapes from Orlando’s Theme Parks – Forbes

Gators - photo credit Wikipedia

I love Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld Orlando and Legoland Florida as much as the next 10 million guys, but it’s kind of the way I love chocolate fountains, dirty martinis and the Pharrell Williams song “Happy.” There’s a fine line between “Awesome!” and “Please Lord, make it stop!”

Take heart. There’s a whole other World, an alternative Universe, a different Land, in and around Orlando. Step away from the parks, hop into the rental car, and you’ll find a very genuine central Florida, worth a visit in its own right at prices a fraction of the theme parks’.

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12 Dec 2013

The Real ‘Christmas Miracle’ Of WestJet’s Viral Video: Millions In Free Advertising – Forbes


If the unbridled emotion of 250 unsuspecting passengers receiving their Christmas wishes doesn’t warm your heart, you may want to consider a Scrooge-ectomy.

It’s the airline, though, that may have received the biggest Christmas surprise. Richard Bartrem, WestJet’s vice president of communications and community relations, told me that the company had expected perhaps 800,000 views from the video. But in the few short days since Christmas Miracle went live, it had topped 13 million views, been seen in more than 200 countries and made the news in the U.K., Australia, Japan, Poland and Malaysia. “We’re pretty thrilled,” he said, with typically Canadian understatement.

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11 Dec 2013

10 Great Gifts For Travelers – 2013 Edition – Forbes

Chinon Legato

Just in time for 2013 holiday gift giving, we present this year’s hand-selected list of some of the newest, coolest stuff for the travelers in your life.

This year’s theme is ingenuity, thankfully still alive and well in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Some items are almost necessities (scarf that conceals your valuables, stainless steel wallets to block RFID scanners), others are envy-inducing nice-to-haves (Swiss train watch, wooden acoustic speaker for your iPhone, New York pastrami sandwich or Texas pecan pie shipped to a far-off place), while others are why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-these-befores? (caffeinated shaving cream in TSA-friendly tubes). What all these products have in common: they made us sit up and go “Whoa!”
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07 Dec 2013

To Combat Rude Behavior, Paris Metro Publishes Manners Guide – Forbes

Paris Metro

France may have been voted the world’s rudest nation for travelers, but at least one organization is trying to fix that. RATP, which operates the Paris Metro (subway to us Yanks), has just published the Manuel de savoir-vivre à l’usage du voyageur moderne (Manual of Good Manners for the Modern Traveler).

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14 Nov 2013

Moscow Subway Station Lets Passengers Pay Fare In Squats – Forbes.com

Russian subway 2

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia are still nearly three months away, but the competition is already heating up in one Moscow subway station. Passengers can vie to pay their fare in exercise.

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